Fillers for Penis Enlargement

Fillers for Penis Enlargement

Intercourse can become tiring if your partner cannot enjoy the activity. Men who feel disappointed due to the size of their penis can enlarge it by consulting MEN’S HEALTH. The minimally invasive injection of fillers increase the size of the penis twofold. These injections not only increase the girth of the penis but also its length. A shriveled penis is thus transformed into a fully charged organ.


Men who are reluctant towards invasive treatments can get the fillers injected around the shaft. The fillers will move into the shaft to give the penis strength and agility. It is a safe and effective treatment to enhance men’s confidence during intercourse. The procedure is carried out in a delicate manner. The groin is cleansed and the penis is treated with a topical numbing agent to save the patient from any unnecessary pain.

Reversible Process:

It is a reversible process. If the patient is not satisfied we can easily remove the fillers without any complications.


Fillers last for 18 months. The size of the penis reduces gradually after that until it goes back to its natural size. Fillers are then injected around the penile shaft just beneath the skin.


There are two types of fillers: 1.Hyaluronic acid based filler. 2.Collagen based filler

Time Lapse: Healing process:

It will take 30 minutes to complete the procedure.

Healing process:

The patient might experience swelling and bruising in the groin and might experience bumps, lumps, or skin irregularities where the filler was injected. However these are common side effects of the procedure and will subside in one or two days.