Men's libido

Loss of libido (sex drive)

Life can become boring if you do not feel the urge to enjoy sex with your partner. A low sex drive or Loss of Libido can affect one in twenty-five men due to the stress of professional responsibilities, strained family terms and recurring health problems.

If the problem of low sex drive lasts longer than a few months it can be an indication of an underlying genetic or physiological problem. MEN’S HEALTH will help you bring back the spice in your sex life.


Loss of libido is different from Erectile Dysfunction.Men get erections but they are not willing to actually participate in sexual intercourse. The reasons behind loss of libido maybe physical or psychological:

Psychological Causes

1. Depression.
2. Stress
3. Burnout
4. Hang-ups from childhood
5. Latent Homosexuality
6. Poor Family Relations

Physical Causes

1. Exhaustion.
2. Chronic diseases.
3. Head injury.
4. Dysfunctional thyroid gland.
5. Alcoholism quite common
6. Abuse of drugs such as cocaine
7. Obesity.
8. Anaemia.
9. Hyperprolactinaemia.
10. Prescribed drugs such as Proscar
11. Low testosterone level Exhaustion.


Men's Health Clinic uses Natural essential Medicine to enhance men and women’s libido.Natural Essential Medicines breaks sexual difficulties due to low libido down into two separate categories:
1. Difficulty achieving arousal or getting started.
2. Difficulty maintaining arousal or keeping it going.
3. Difficulty in maintaining arousal, for both men and women is most likely a deficiency of energy.

Men's Health Clinic uses a number of fortuitous formulas to enhance sex drive and continue it in the long run.