Night Fall

Night Fall

The involuntary discharges or ejaculations during sleep are called nightfall or wet dreams. It mostly occurs during the years following puberty. It is a normal part of reaching masculine maturity. However nightfall becomes a problem when it occurs frequently and lasts even after adolescence.

Call us When you see these Signs:

1. Erections and ejaculations in between dreams.
2. Burnt in urine.
3. Frequent urination.
4. Frequent discharge during the day.


1. Excessive masturbation.
2. Erotic thoughts and visions.
3. Infection in urinogenital tract.

Impact on Male Health:

1. Lethargy
2. Dizziness.
3. Insomnia.
4. Obesity.
5. Poor vision.
6. Memory lapses.
7. Pain in the knees.
8. Imbalanced hormones.

Treatment for Nightfall:

MEN’S HEALTH provides you with the most effective and non-invasive methods of treating night-falls alongwith the following recommendations:
1. Reducing sperm count in the seminal fluid.
2. Shedding off excessive weight.
3. Maintaining better hygiene.
4. Minimizing masturbation