Patient Guide

Why Choose Men’s Health?

WE choose YOU to find a comfort zone in your private life.

MEN’S HEALTH is not another clinic. It is the next step in male health revolution. We serving with expert advice services on making your sex life feel like a gentle breeze.The best Psycho sexologist & sex therapists are at your service.

Finding a Comfort Zone:

We will make you feel completely at ease when you discuss your intimate problems. Our physicians are sensitive to the awkward situation of explaining sexual dilemmas and we make sure that all discussions are confidential and lighthearted.

An Appointment at Men’s Health

Your appointment will be a lovely meeting where you will casually discuss your sexual concerns. Our physician will explain the right treatment and schedule the next visit.

First Visit Examination

On your very first visit the Doctor’s Assistant or nurse will check your blood pressure and heart rate, and may take a blood test. The physician might also check your penis and testicles in a private room.

Advanced Treatment

You will be provided with an advanced treatment depending upon your condition. Our physician would also suggest Psychological Counselling and therapies to ensure a long term solution to your problem.