Testicular Failure

Testicular Failure

The impaired function of due to hormonal abnormality is called Hypogonadism or Testicular failure. It happens when the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis is interrupted at any level such as:
1. Insufficient steroid production.
2. Suppressed secretion of LH.
3. Suppressed secretion of FSH.

Risk Factors:

Risk Factors of Primary testicular failure:
1. Frequent and heavy use of marijuana
2. Undescended testicles at birth
3. Decrease in height
4. Enlarged breasts (gynecomastia)
5. Infertility
6. Lack of muscle mass
7. Loss of armpit and pubic hair
8. Injurious Activities
9. Slow development.
10. lack of secondary male sex characteristics (hair growth, scrotum enlargement, penis enlargement, voice changes

Symptoms of Primary Testicular failure:

1. Sexual dysfunction
2. Decreased sexual activity
3. Decreased facial and body hair
4. Fatigue and lethargy
5. Depressed mood
6. Loss of armpit and pubic hair
7. Mild Cognitive Impairment
8. Increased visceral fat
9. Decreased muscle strength and decreased muscle mass
10. Decreased libido (erectile function often intact)


Diagnosing testicular failure may involve a variety of male fertility testing procedures. Congenital testicular failure will typically be indicated by the presence of ambiguouse genitalia at birth. We diagnosing testicular failure by conducting:
1. Male fertility testing procedures.
2. Semen analysis
3. Physical exam for signs of testicular atrophy or tumors
4. Blood tests.
5. Evaluation of levels of hormones:
iii.FSH and LH

Treatment for Testicular Failure:

At MENS HEALTH we use a combination of medications and Natural Essential Products to treat or reduce the symptoms of Primary Testicular Failure due to Torsion of Both Testis.